O Rings

Silicone / FKM / EPDM / Neoprene / Nitrile

Eshita Rubber Pvt Ltd offers its wide range of O-Rings from 1.00 mm ID to 600 mm ID. Our O-Rings are manufactured on a hydraulic press with tightly controlled temperature, pressure and time which ensures accurate dimensions, glossy finish and invisible flash line, properly post cured and absolutely defect free articles. These O-Rings are aslo manufactured as per the dimensional tolerance specified by the customer or as per the International Standeard tolereance chart.


Filter Housings
Membrance Filter Holder
Heat Exchangers
RMG Discharge Port
Pneumatic cylinders
Spray Guns
Other Sealing Applications

Rubber Type
Common Names and Grades
Hardness Available In Shore
Fluoroelastomer (FKM), Viton
Viton B50, Viton E60 FKM, Viton A 401C , Viton F605C ,GFLT , 600S GLT Many more imported Speciality rubers
Solid Section Hardness 50 A – 95 A
Strong chemical resistance and thermal stability; excellent flexibility, Excellent Low and High temp resistance.
Silicone Rubber
Si Rubber , KCC , Wacker, Blue star , Dow corning , Shinetshu , Momentive, Dj Florosilicone Many more imported Speciality rubbers
Section Hardness 40 A- 80A For Sponge 5A- 40A
Good chemical stability; flame retardancy; excellent temperature resistance; excellent weather resistance
Polychloroprene (CR)
Chloroprene, Neoprene ( Buyer – Bayprene B-30, B210, B100)
Solid Section Hardness 60 A – 90 A
Good ozone (weather) resistance; good oil resistance
Ethylene Propylene (EP)
EPDM, Nordel, Vistalon, Kaltan
Solid Section Hardness 60 A – 90 A
Excellent UV & ozone resistance; Excellent weather, sunlight and water resistance.
Nitrile Rubber (NBR)
Perbunan, Buna-N, ( JSR, Apar, Laxness) may more
Solid Section Hardness 60 A – 90 A
High resilience; high wear resistance; good chemical and Oil resistance
Polyurethane (PU)
Mileable Polyurethene
Solid Section Hardness 60 A – 90 A
Excellent abrasion resistance; good chemical resistance; excellent low temperature performance; excellent mechanical properties and elasticity

FEP Enacapsulated O-Rings

Eshita Rubber Pvt Ltd is FKM and EPMD Encapsulated O-Rings with FEP encapsulation are designed to address the growing problem of sealing in the most hostile chemical and temperature environments. It combines the best qualities of FEP material on the outside with its chemical interness and an elastomer on the inside for sesilience. This unique combination forms a highly effective, long lasting seal for the most demanding applications.

This O-Rings are comprised of FEP over Silicone, FKM or EPDM and can be used in temperatures from -75 F to +400F (-60 to +205C) depending upon the choice of elastomer core.

Why are Encapsulated O-Rings needed?

There are certain applications which prohibit the use of conventional rubber O-Ring seals. The use of hostile chemicals or extreme temperature (both high and low) during various processes can make effective sealing very difficult. The mail advantage encapsulated O-Ring have solid P.T.F.E. is that it has the chemical inertness whilst with its energising core, the O-Ring returns to its original form.


Agitated Nastch Filter Dryer ( ANFD )
Solvent Container Lid
Centrifuge Lid